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‘’Be yourself & bring your dreams to life!" -Mindy Linkous

Signature Series


Tiara(above) is from the black and white  Sessions Series.  Mindy uses a horizontal brushstroke while creating movement and dimension with bold detail.

Real Conversations

Jason and Mindy Linkous Pastors, New Life, Titusville, FL Senior Pastors Interdenominational Church

(Above:  Jason and Mindy Linkous at New Life) 

Real Conversations about living with a thankfulness for every part of the journey that led us to where we are now.  It's okay to feel at peace about the plans for the future.  The willing help people and those who seek are filled with vision.  God can use all the artistic and even flawed parts of us for the world He so loves.

Inside the Studio

Mindy Linkous, acrylic on canvas, 96" x 60" diptych, original painting,  impressionist painting,

(Above:  Mindy Inside her Studio) Currently Mindy is painting "The Pond of Peacefulness" in her classic style.  Linkous has a sharp jagged nature to her horizontal brushstroke as she suggests form and distance by highlighting movement and definition.  This landscape is a new subject for a studio filled with portraits.

Catalogue of Art

Download the Catalogue to view available artwork.  Contact the artist for pricing, additional images of the art, or to schedule an appointment to view the artwork in person.  Viewings are available in Titusville, Florida.  Viewings can also be scheduled in London.  

Collector Catalogue (pdf)


Contact Mindy Linkous

I'd love to keep you posted on all things new with my art and ministry. Your requests, inquories, and responses are much appreciated. Your feedback breeds new creativity. -Mindy

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